Chiropractic Adjustment:
Corrects bone and muscle imbalance
which increases nerve function, blood supply,
and relieves pain.

There are over 150 different chiropractic techniques. Dr. Whybrew uses diversified, sacral occipital technique, and bio-cranial technique to make very precise, definite and gentle adjustments. Adjustments are manipulation of dura, vertebrae or other bones such as wrist, ankle, and elbow bones.


Why Would I Want an Adjustment?

Many times disease or pain is caused by structural interference with the brain’s control via the nervous system, called a subluxation. By realigning the bones, one releases tension placed on the nerve or muscle and allows the brain to receive signals from that area of the body to fight the disease with your body’s natural immune system. 


What Can You Do to Alleviate Pain Right Now?

Dr. Whybrew employs a number of physical therapy devices in her practice to help alleviate pain while the body has a chance to heal. These therapies include ultrasound (a deep heat) intersegmental traction (a machine with rollers to help patients relax), interferential (uses the body’s natural opiates), and electrical stimulation (uses electric current to enhance the body’s ability to heal and relax muscles). Acupuncture also has several pain relief points.